About Bridger & Williams

An intimate understanding of what level of luxury the most discerning clients desire

At Bridger & Williams we pride ourselves on delivering only the finest products created with raw materials of the very highest quality. We are synonymous with inimitable craftsmanship and unerringly high standards.

With backgrounds in textile design and pattern grading followed by over 40 years of combined service on some of the worlds largest yachts, private jets and in the most prestigious residences, the founders have an intimate understanding of what level of luxury the most discerning clients desire.

We believe in not only creating the fine cashmere products for our customers but also delivering a lifestyle that captures the glamour and vision of Bridger & Williams.

We like to create an opulent and confident image while keeping a pure and timeless feel that our customers recognise.

Bridger & Williams are a British brand and we believe in promoting British manufacturing.

Our Scottish mill has been producing the very best cashmere since the late 18th century using raw material meticulously sourced from the very best herds.

The age-old production processes coupled with the ultra soft Scottish highland water create the beautiful, soft cashmere we know and love.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

About Our Cashmere

Meticulously sourced Cashmere from the very best herds.

About Our Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the finest, most luxurious and rarest fibres in the world, only a few thousand tonnes are produced each year.

It is the downy under-fleece grown by the Cashmere goat for protection against the bitter winds and harsh temperatures of the high plateau of China and Mongolia.

Every spring the goats moult and the soft down clings to their coarse outer hairs. The regions nomadic tribesman then skillfully hand comb the cashmere out from the goats underbelly, separating it away from the coarse hairs. Only a few ounces are harvested from each goat.

Only the finest, softest under hair closest to the goats skin is used. The highest quality cashmere products only use the longest, thinnest fibres.

The highest quality, finest product comes from the Inner Mongolia region.

Once the raw bales are received by the manufacturer the process is meticulous, labour intensive and has many stages before the cashmere is suitable to be used in production.

This all creates the beautiful, warm and soft products we love at Bridger & Williams.